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Empowering youth by providing financial support for arts programs to compensate for disparities in funding art curricula in schools.


When schools who are already financially struggling to meet academic requirements are faced with the difficult decision to cut their budgets, music and arts programs are usually the first to get eliminated and are seldomly restored - particularly in under-served and underfunded communities.

Research has proven that the arts are beneficial to youth in that they contribute to brain development, improve motor and language skills, improve test scores, and improve mental/emotional health. Unfortunately children of underfunded communities are unable to reap the benefits of participating in art programs.

Since 2014, Casting Call Performing Arts Community Center has worked feverishly to be a link for the children to the arts. Casting Call Performance Arts Community Center is a nonprofit organization (501 c 3) who provides financial assistance to children to support them with reaching their highest artistic potential.   

Students engaged in the arts perform better academically.

Numerous longitudinal research studies have documented that students who receive arts education exhibit improvements on standardized test scores and in their performance in other subjects, including reading and math.

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies